Dexter & Delia

Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Color: White - With Tan, Yellow Or Fawn

In May, we found our perfect bonded pair to add to our family, Delia and Dexter, 5-year-old sister/brother Jack Russell Terriers.

Delia loves for us to chase her around the house to try to steal her squeaky toy. Dexter loves doing laps around our large yard, chasing squirrels. Both love to sit on our laps for cuddle/TV time. At bedtime, they cozy up together in 1 doggie bed at the foot of our bed, even though there are 2 beds on the floor.

There’s nothing better than being greeting at the door with their wagging tails and kisses at the end of a workday.