We need your support! There are multiple ways to help out. Renee's Rescues, Incorporated is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit. As such, donations made are tax-deductible.

Send a Donation

You can make a general donation directly to our rescue organization or pay your adoption fees via Paypal.  In addition to the costs in pulling and housing our dogs, these funds will be used for vetting and any additional costs.

How much should I give?

Here is a breakdown of what each donation level is able to provide for our rescue.



Pays for an “Adopt Me“ martingale collar and leash. We purchase these items exclusively from Max and Neo, based in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Covers the cost to feed ten rescue dogs for one week. Dogs on a prescription diet due to illness or deficiency cost roughly double on average.


Pays for the cost of a senior dog’s intake exam to Renee’s Rescues. All dogs are seen by a veterinarian upon arrival to RR. We lovingly categorize dogs 7+ as sensational seniors. In order for us to have a full picture of the dog’s needs, we request more comprehensive testing. With this data, we can map out a care plan while the dog is with us and allow us to communicate any needs to prospective adopters.


Gives us the chance to provide end-of-life care for dogs with limited time due to disease progression or age.
To learn more about our hospice program, click here.

Donating Supplies

amazon-wishlistYou can also purchase supplies and send them directly to us. You can purchase items directly from this wish list or you can just look at the list to see what type of things we need on a regular basis and buy us something comparable. All supplies are greatly appreciated.