Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent to one of our dogs. The information contained within this form will be kept on file by Renee’s Rescues and will not be shared with anyone else. If you rent your property, we will contact your landlord to ask if fostering animals in your home is acceptable. You will not be able to foster until we receive positive confirmation.

By filling out the form below, and clicking submit, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Determining whether or not you will be approved to foster a dog or dogs for Renee’s Rescues is solely at the discretion of the rescue. Renee’s Rescues will determine whether you are eligible to foster and which animals you are eligible to foster. An approved foster may refuse the placement of a dog within their home for any reason.

You will be expected to keep the animal safe and secure, return it to Renee’s Rescues when requested to do so, and not promise the animal to anyone, or imply that you have the authority to approve a potential adoption. Renee’s Rescues retains ownership of all animals placed in foster care, and will make all decisions regarding the adoption & placement of the animals fostered.

Unless otherwise arranged, the foster parent is responsible for providing all food, bedding, and toys for the animal while it is in their care at home. The foster parent is responsible for transporting the animals to and from veterinary appointments, surgery, behavior evaluations, vaccinations, etc., unless other arrangements are made in advance. The foster parent may also be responsible for transporting the animal to and from adoption events, and to off-site training classes, at the rescue’s discretion. The foster parent is also responsible for updating the rescue at least weekly on the animal’s condition and veterinary needs (if any).

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