Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Hound mix
Color: Brown with black & white

Longtimer in rescue hopeful for a chance at a family…

Once upon a time, there was a charming one-year-old Hound mix named Zachary! This adorable pup stole the hearts of everyone he met with his soulful eyes and sweet demeanor. Weighing in at 46 lbs, he had energy levels that were off the charts! After leaving the shelter, Zachary discovered a newfound love for frolicking in his foster’s backyard, bringing him immeasurable joy. He loved running around and exploring every nook and cranny, living out his dreams of freedom in that blissful space.

Zachary naturally got along with his fellow canines, but cats and him… well, let’s just say his curiosity got the better of him. So, a cat-free home would be ideal for this lovable pooch! Additionally, little humans seem to be his favorite form of entertainment!

At night, Zachary sleeps peacefully in his crate, undisturbed until morning. But during the day, when his foster family has to go to work, he patiently waits in his crate. As soon as he catches sight of them going about their daily activities, a gentle sigh for attention is let out in full dramatics. A cinematic masterpiece, honestly. He just wants to be part of the action!

Zachary may have a few reservations when meeting new people, but with time and love, he blossoms into a loving and affectionate pup. No aggression, growling, or resource guarding is found here! With positive reinforcement, he’s building his self-esteem and confidence.

Zachary’s foster mom painted a picture of his ideal future. He longs for a forever home with the company of other dogs or a canine companion, and the laughter and playfulness of resident children would bring him boundless joy. And, of course, a fenced-in yard to unleash his full potential!

Help us find the perfect family for Zachary! This incredible dog deserves a loving home that will give him everything he could ever want. Let’s find him his happily ever after! Zachary is neutered, current on shots & microchipped.