Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Hound mix
Color: Black

***Please Note: WESTON is in a foster home. You’re welcome to submit an app for consideration! As a result of Covid-19, we’ve had to modify our volunteers hours. We appreciate your patience circling back . Thanks for considering adoption!***

Every so often in rescue, you come across THAT dog. The one who you KNOW has so much potential even though so much is stacked against them. Weston is one of those dogs. He found himself as a stray in a North Carolina shelter…a black dog, with a big block head and heartworm positive….strike one, two and three. His chances of every getting out alive were close to zero, but so many people who met him along the way saw something in him. Something enough to take a chance on him, so he made his way north to try to find his chance at a furever home.

We know it will take someone really special and committed to turn this diamond in the ruff into the amazing pup we know he can be, but we are determined to wait until that person finds him! Weston is a 3-year-old, 44 lb. hound mix who, like so many dogs in the South, is heartworm positive. We are handling his treatment and, once completed, he will be as good as new!

Here is what we know so far…….Weston is a very complex, intelligent, high functioning pup. One look into his gorgeous brown eyes will tell you that! We can tell that whatever happened in his past, he was not shown that humans can be trusted. He is skittish and withdrawn when he first meets people, but in the short 2 weeks he has been in a foster home, now feels comfortable resting next to the ladies in the house and having affection given to him. He loves the ladies and has the ability to bond deeply. He is more skittish around men but does warm up over time and with patience from the people around him to let him take the lead.

Weston is a flight risk. He doesn’t like to be contained and wants to explore the world around him. He will need to be leash walked and after he is treated for his heartworm, he would be amazing as a running or hiking partner. He can scale a post and rail fence. He gets along with other dogs, but needs to be watched to make sure play time doesn’t get too intense. He has been in a house with dogs from 10lbs-55lbs, males and females…..all age ranges, puppy to a 12yr old. He likes to play with the other dogs and is respectful when playing tug-of-war with a toy. He probably wouldn’t do well with an overly alpha dog, but would boss around a totally submissive one, so a fellow doggie friend should have balanced/neutral energy. He seems interested in squirrels he sees in the yard, so definitely has a prey drive. We would not trust him around cats at this time.

He has not been around smaller children, but because of his intelligence, we would not recommend children under the age of 12 and even then, dog savvy children would be best, as he seems to feed off the energy around him.

He is very food motivated. He has not shown any food aggression towards humans, but has been fed separately from the other dogs in his foster home. He can take treats in a pack setting without issue and is gentle taking treats from your hand.

He loves squeaky toys and balls and it has been so sweet watching him learn to play with toys.