Wendy (now Millie)

Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Breed: Boston Terrier
Color: Black and white

I just wanted to take time to update everyone on how great that Wendy (now Millie) is doing. We adopted Millie on 8/18.  While we were not looking for another dog, I knew I had to meet her when I saw her on Renee’s website.  It was love at first site.  We immediately noticed that this sweet deaf girl was even more special that we ever could have imagined.  I wanted to share her specialness with as many as we could.  I decided that she might make a good therapy dog, but how do you train a deaf baby to pass the strict tests that she would need to pass.  That’s where PAWS for People come in.  Working with the PAWS trainers, Millie passed her Advanced Level Therapy test (Standard of Excellence) on the first try!  What this means is that the world of therapy visits is wide open to her and allows her to visit Children and Hospital environments.  In addition to many community events, we were chosen to visit The Ronald McDonald house as her regular visiting site.  She even has her own business cards that the children call trading cards.  I cannot explain what she and I get out of these visits, not to mention what the children and parents get out of it.  It is becoming a very special part of our routine.  Millie even knows, when we get her special leash and bandana out, that she is going to work.  The happy dance is priceless.  I am looking forward to many years with Millie by my side making a difference.  Rescue dogs rock!