Tucker Lee

Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Breed: Great Pyrenees/Lab mix
Color: Black with white


Hi! My name is Tucker Lee! Pleasure to meet you!

Welcoming Tucker, a 1 & 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees and Labrador Retriever mix weighing just under 70-lbs. Talk about a fun loving pooch! Tucker enjoys walks with humans and has done well playing with other dogs. He did well in an environment with a cat and did not chase. Yay! Tucker is temporarily being fostered by his rescuer and advocate, Emma. She knew the shelters are all limited with resources and space. Tucker showed Emma that he wanted a chance, so she stepped up to change his life.

We hear Tucker has great doggy manners and genuinely thinks he’s a lap dog. You can hear him coming from a mile away with his happy tippy tap feet. While he’s learning his way with us cheering along, we are seeking someone who also sees what a great dog Tucker is. There was constant change in his life. Now that he is in rescue, we are practicing routine and reminding him he’s a large dog when he wants to snuggle up on your lap! 🙈