Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel/Rat Terrier mix
Color: Black with white & gray


**Please Note: SWOOP will be going into a foster home. Fosters with our rescue have 2 weeks to decide if they want to “foster fail” and opt to adopt. You’re welcome to submit an app for consideration! As a result of Covid-19, we’ve had to modify our volunteers hours. We appreciate your patience circling back . Thanks for considering adoption!***

Neutered • Healthy • Housetrained
✨Super lovey dovey with humans!✨
Swoop is an 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel/Rat Terrier mix in need of a new home through no fault of his own. He weighs 45-lbs and knows basic commands: sit; stay; lay down; watch me; drop it. Swoop is a highly intelligent pooch who is very self aware. Yes, you read that right. You know how you meet an animal and they have a very sensitive energy about them? They can sense the slightest changes and are often “in-tune” with their persons?

He can spot a squirrel in 0.0023 seconds and barks at UPS trucks.

His favorite past times are chasing the ball and going for walks (generally 2-4 miles a day). If you’re not feeling the heavy walking, that’s okay. A fenced in backyard will be great for him, too.
Swoop has little dog syndrome. This means that he is just over those annoying two-legged human children that yank at his face and ears – doesn’t vibe with them. He’s intimidated by large dogs or dogs that can play fetch better than he can. 😏 Again, think sensitive soul.

Swoop will be down to vibe with smaller dogs. Cats? Meh. No thanks. Fatter squirrels according to this pooch. The best fit for him would be a household that can give him enough daily attention and without a lot of chaos. Retired folks to the dance floor, please. I present your winter cuddle bug for consideration. We need a safe place for him starting on Monday. Please be that person?