Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Color: Gray with tan


PLEASE NOTE: Fosters have 14 days to decide if they wish to “foster fail” and adopt their foster dog.

Say hi to Snickers! Snickers (aka Louie) is an approximately 4-year-old, 6 lb. male Yorkie who came to us as part of Project Lonestar, a large, 35 dog puppy mill pull from Texas. He is neutered, up to date on shots and scheduled for a dental appointment in August. Louie is loving and friendly but still a bit skittish. He will cuddle with the other resident dogs (3) and give his people little licks but will also run away & hide at times. He enjoys being around other small dogs, large dog’s unknown, and spending time in a fenced in yard. He has really gotten used to open space, grass, and stairs (unable to independently go down a taller flight of stairs). He is learning how to walk on a leash.  Louie is still working on potty training but will go outside or on potty pads located in a specific, preferred spot. His schedule can be somewhat predicted. Louie learns how to dog from resident dogs so he would benefit from other dogs in his new home. Due to his skittish nature, small children are not recommended. He does love spending time in a fenced in yard, but a fenced yard is not required.