Sir Mix a Lot

Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Hound mix
Color: Tan with white


Why this good boy hasn’t been adopted yet is crazy! He’s smart, sweet and well-behaved.

Sir is dog friendly and loves playing with his four-legged friends. He gets along with cats as well. Sometimes if the cat darts he’ll chase it, but never harms and mostly ignores them.  He loves playing fetch and bringing the ball back. You’ll tell when he’s done fetching as he will stop returning the ball.

Sir does extremely well in the crate and is fully house trained. Knows to come when called, sit, lay down and shake hands. He’s fully vaccinated, neutered and enjoys going to stores. He walks well on a leash also. Always keeping that nose to the ground!

He has typical puppy energy but knows how to calm himself down as well. Sir is a Hound mix so could get as large as 60lbs. when fully grown. And he’s not a howler! He does have a voice, but doesn’t use it like you would expect a hound mix to howl.