Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Pittie
Color: Brown with white

My name is Shuri and I’m a 4 year old pitbull.  Fun fact – my birthday is April 15th. I’m spayed and microchipped.  I’m hoping to find a forever home where I will be the only dog because I struggle with resource guarding. I don’t like to share food or toys with other dogs, at all. I don’t mind if my people touch my food or toys though. I’ve never bitten my humans. In fact, I love to play tug of war with a good sturdy stick or a cool tug toy! I am extremely energetic and incredibly smart. Some of my favorite things to do are play tag with other pups and to play water tag with the hose. The water tag game is the best… if you spray the hose, I will run as fast as I can so you can’t catch me. It’s almost as good as a good scratch behind the ears.

Unfortunately, I don’t have very good leash walking skills. I pull a lot and like to be in charge. My manners aren’t the best, so I probably shouldn’t be around small children until I can learn to control my excitement about making new friends and jumping up on them when we meet. I’m also not crate trained. So that’s my story. I do need some training, but I am very sweet and I have so much potential. If you have the time, patience and some treats, I can show you just how smart and ready to learn I am. All you have to do is give me a chance.