Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Breed: German Shepherd
Color: Black & tan

PLEASE NOTE: Fosters have 14 days to decide if they wish to “foster fail” and adopt their foster dog.

Meet Sergeant!  He is purebred, 2-year-old, male German Shepherd who is a superstar! He was purchased as a pup from a breeder but his former owner is no longer in a position to care for him. Sergeant is intelligent, driven, and ready to follow your lead. He’s 80lbs and his recall is out of this world. This dog could be a successful K9 with training and a solid human bond. When meeting other dogs, Sergeant is vocal and unsure. His socialization amongst fellow canines was minimal with his former owner. Ironically enough, while Sergeant is still forming opinions about other dogs, he shared a home with a cat and they got along without issue. He has no bite history. Sergeant will be neutered before adoption and microchipped.