Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Breed: Terrier mix
Color: Brown


Meet Gritty! Our shelter friends in NJ found him on the streets of Philly, covered in matted fur. He quickly went for a surgery to repair a prolapsed rectum, got a much needed haircut and was neutered. This Philly boy is fully recovered and has a new pep in his adorable step!! Gritty is an approximately 3-year-old, 8 lb., male small breed mix, up to date on shots with two teeth sticking out when he smiles at you. If his soulful big brown eyes don’t melt your heart, his adorable speckled colored coat will!

He loves slow walks on the leash, free roaming in the backyard and especially just wants to be near you! He stays in a crate while his foster family is at school and is trained to sleep overnight in it.
Gritty’s favorite thing to do is wait outside for his tween human to walk home from school. He also enjoys pets on his head with light scratches behind his ears. He’ll be your porch sitting, sun bathing, book reading buddy for sure! He’ll cuddle right into his blanket or bed next to your lap.

Due to his surgery, patience is needed while he passes stools. He sometimes needs a little wipe but is 100% housebroken! He will bark to go out and does his business quickly when it’s cooler out. He’s got an almost bare patch on his back still. You can dress this guy in a sweater, Halloween costume or tee shirt to keep warm. He doesn’t bother his foster feline siblings and while curious about other dogs barking, he respectfully doesn’t react. He loves peanut butter, wet food and dry kibble mixed for dinner, and small or tiny milk bones!