Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Breed: Jack Russell/Australian Shepherd mix
Color: White with black

My name is Skrat (Skratty)!  I am a loving, cuddly, 3-year-old female Jack Russel Terrier/Australian Shepherd mix.  As you can see, I am incredibly cute! I mean, who could resist my puppy dog eyes and sweet face? (Look up Skrat from the movie Ice Age). I have
had some interest, but not many know about me. I would be fine in a home with or without kids/babies, I’ve been around small babies and kids, and love to lick them.

I enjoy peace and quiet to snuggle, but I also fit in with chaos and play time. Fetch is one of my favorites, along with many toys that make noise! I live in a home with a male bulldog and corgi, but I also have lived with a 100+ lb. male pit-bull and have thrived in both homes. I have been out at restaurant/bars/parks and met several people and have had a blast. I am very friendly and love, love and good-girl pets.

I love time with my humans and enjoy sleeping in bed and under the covers, or quite frankly, anywhere while cuddling. I am very fond of men as well. I am also left out during the day as I am house trained, but I am also crate trained and will get in my crate when my
humans say “Kennel!” I am independent and fairly calm. I don’t need tons of exercise and activity, but I do love to run outside in a fenced yard. I know a few tricks and can jump very high & I hope to
find a loving family who is ready.