Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Boxer mix puppy
Color: Tan with white

Meet Scout! This handsome guy is an 8-month-old Boxer mix. Scout is a real snuggler. If it were up to him, he would spend 90% of his day tucked in someone’s arms or curled up in their lap. For that other 10%, he would make a great running buddy – he loves to get out and run alongside his human, and he does well on the leash staying right beside you.

When he wakes up, he gets his breakfast, goes outside, and curls up with a good bone to chew on. He is playful and loves to run around with his people in the yard. He plays well with dogs his size or smaller, and he is well socialized with both dogs and people. Little kids might not be a good fit though.

If you get some ice for a drink, don’t be surprised if he appears at your side. Ice is one of his favorite treats! This guy has a lot of love to give and will make someone very lucky.

He can be nervous in new situations or in places with a lot of people. He is slowly acclimating with walks in increasingly populated spots and he was progressing well. Scout is neutered, up to date on shots & microchipped.