Riley Rue

Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Breed: Poodle mix
Color: Tan

Meet Riley Rue!  Riley Rue is a beautiful 7-month-old mixed breed that includes “Toy Poodle” ~ She currently weighs 16.8-lbs. Riley will max out at 25-30 lbs as an adult. She may stay the size she is; time will tell. She has a history of doing well with children and other dogs.  She‘s rather charming with an “always happy” personality. Because of her energy level and concern of her taking off for the hills just to go on an adventure after watching a butterfly, we are seeking a family with a fenced-in yard.

A few tidbits about this cutie…She does not like being in a crate, as she was free roam in her former environment. She has not exhibited any reactive/adverse behaviors like resource guarding. Riley has shared toys with her foster siblings without qualms.

Riley Rue is sweet as pie. Very loving, sensitive little gal who is always happy-go-lucky. If you have a senior dog, she will be a bit too overbearing for a laid-back vibe. She’s always ready on her paws to play. She’s been a respectful playmate with both small and large canine pals. If you’re looking for a family dog that will run around the yard for hours with your kids, you’ve found her!