Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: Black with white


This is Radar. His ears? Best reception around! Radar is an adoptable 6-month-old mixed breed cutie. He’s about 30-lbs now. Many of us have had an opportunity to spend time with Radar one-on-one, in addition to learning about his mannerisms. Radar is so incredibly loved. If any of you are looking for a very good boy, this dog is a great option. He’s so sweet and loves to sleep beside humans.

Radar is dog friendly and presently shares a foster setting with multiple dogs. This dog is so sweet and just watches. He attaches to humans quickly. Radar is house trained and because of his energy, he would do best with an active pet parent/family with a backyard. He’s a great dog, plain and simple. Excellent option for a family.