Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Color: Brown


Meet Phoenix, aka Libby Lou from Project Green! She is an 8 lb. Chihuahua mix,  estimated to be about 3-4 years old. This little lady is a bit timid due to the trauma she was exposed to before coming in to us. She had to learn to survive with 35 other dogs in very bad conditions.  She came to us missing most of her hair from fleas, covered in scabs, scared and skinny but is doing so much better health wise and has hair growing back.

From her foster family:

“We were expecting her to be more comfortable around our dogs and afraid of us, but this little momma quickly realized how much she loves and craves human attention! She does take some time to warm up and know she can trust you to be gentle with her, but once she does, she will be your shadow! There will be no place to hide….not even the bathroom! She was a little afraid of my 10 yr old nephew so slightly older, respectful children would be a better environment for her.

She basically ignores our other small dogs at this point, but she is afraid of bigger, more energetic dogs. When my 55lb. grand puppy visits, she protects her space with low growls, so a home with smaller, calm dogs would be best. She would probably be fine as an only dog as well.

She is doing great with potty training as long as you allow her the time to realize she can leave your side to do her business. We have a fenced in yard so haven’t exposed her much to leash walking at this time.  She loves to eat and is food motivated as long as she isn’t scared. She does not have any food aggression and is learning to respect others eating space.

Her favorite activity is snuggling near her people in her blankie, so if you are into a snuggle buddy who will invade your personal space, and possibly even crawl into your shirt, she’s your gal!!