Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Breed: Black Lab
Color: Black


***Please Note: MOOSE is in a foster home!! Fosters with our rescue have 2 weeks to decide if they want to “foster fail” and opt to adopt. You’re welcome to submit an app for consideration! As a result of Covid-19, we’ve had to modify our volunteers hours. We appreciate your patience circling back. Thanks for considering adoption!***

Welcome Moose! Moose is a 2-year-old, 77 lb. Labrador Retriever who has spent his short life chained up & living outdoors. Now that he is in rescue, we want to see him live the life he deserves, indoor as a loving family member! He’s been checked out by a vet and is healthy & up to date on vaccinations. Given his rough life & not being socialized, he will need a short decompression period to get him acclimated to being an indoor dog. He did fine when observed around other dogs but has not been around kids or cats. Please follow his journey – we will post more updates as we get to know him.