Luna Star

Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Akita
Color: White with black

Adoptable Luna Star!  If her soft, velvety ears, and kind, brown eyes don’t you win you over, her personality sure will. This girl’s a gem. Sweet, loving and loyal, Luna is as adventurous as she is affectionate. Prior to coming to our rescue, Luna lived her life outside at an Amish farm producing litters of puppies for profit. She now has a chance to forget all about that crummy puppy mill. Now she can become a beloved INDOOR family member! 

Luna Star is a purebred Akita just over 2-years-old. She will be spayed and microchipped prior to adoption. Luna Star is very food motivated, and loves showing off. She will even give lay down and give you her belly for a good rub! As with all in life, this is an adjustment period. Her new humans will need to be mindful of keeping her on a regular potty schedule to ensure success. We would love for her to be adopted by a family with large breed experience. Akita’s are not for everyone. Those familiar with the breed know that they can be stubborn yet fiercely loyal.

Luna’s ideal home family would appreciate her energy levels. She loves people so much. Older kids would be fine. While she is a love bug, she may knock down little humans by accident. As for dogs, she could definitely become BFFs with one! She would just need to meet him or her first! We aren’t too sure about cats.

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