Louise (bonded with Thelma)

Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Female
Breed: Lab
Color: Yellow

We are Thelma (3) and Louise (7)! We were rescued from an Amish farm in Eastern PA. Our owner used us solely for breeding. We can no longer make puppies so he wanted us gone. It made us sad because that’s all we have ever known. Anyways, it was so bright when we walked out of the barn. The air smelled different, too. We got into this machine that moved. We sat closely to each other. Something was happening and it was good. The humans in the moving machine talked to us with quiet, soft voices and they gave us a lot of attention. I only get attention when I have babies so it was weird — but I liked it! They also touched our heads and moved their hands back and forth and said we were good girls! I don’t know what that means but I don’t think they want to hurt us. At least I hope not.

We tried these chewy things called “treats” today from these very loving humans! They were really yummy. Why are we just learning about “treats” after all this time? Do dogs get treats a lot? I hope it happens again. What can I do to get more treats?!

We got to a big building they called the veterinarian. They also handed us these soft things. What did the humans call them again? Oh, yeah — toys! They called them our first toys. Still confused.

Anyways, this is all happening so fast! A whole new world is a bit scary but we are slowly starting to trust these new humans.

We love each other so much. When they separated us for a few minutes, we got nervous and started to drool and shake.  We were so happy when they told us we will be together forever and they will find us a new house with nice people. We get to live INSIDE, too!  We aren’t house trained yet but I’m hoping someone will take a chance on us!

Thelma & Louise are a BONDED PAIR & CANNOT BE SEPARATED! They’ve been brought up to date on vaccinations and will be spayed & microchipped prior to adoption.