Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Breed: Cairn Terrier mix
Color: White/tan
While Loli has quite a sad backstory, she doesn’t hold any grudges. This sweet gal is ready to be the love of your life!! And once her puppies are old enough (mid-February), they will also be looking for a forever family.
We welcomed Loli to our rescue back in December when she was full-term pregnant. In addition to puppies, x-rays also showed bullet fragments. Loli was in such poor shape, she received a blood transfusion and was in no condition to survive a C-section. In order to give her the best chance at survival, she spent a week in a foster home where she was able to eat several meals a day to help her gain weight and strength. Exactly a week later, Loli gave birth to 8 puppies in less than 5 hours (sadly little Elf was born deformed/deceased). This old gal is one tough cookie and a true survivor! Fast forward four weeks later, Loli and her puppies are thriving!! All will be looking for forever homes soon. We are accepting adoption applications in order to pre-approve families. 
Loli is a Cairn terrier mix weighing approx. 20 lbs. This little gal loves to be loved!!! She’s a world-class snuggler, enjoys leisurely walks, takes treats like a lady, she is house trained and non-destructive. In her foster home, she has been friendly with other big dogs. She likes to bark and play tough with the residents cats, but after a few weeks, she now walks past them and shows no interest. If you have a canine companion, separate dog meets would be arranged to make sure the dogs are compatible. We feel with slow and proper introductions, Loli may be able to live with cats.