Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Pittie mix
Color: Black with white

Say hello to Lola! Lola is an 18-month-old, female, pit bull that has been with her family since she was 7-weeks-old. Her family loves her but had some unexpected life changes and are no longer able to care for her.

Lola is spayed, house trained and up to date on all shots.  She does not have any significant health issues and had a vet/physical exam in June, 2021.

This girl is playful and has a normal energy level.  She loves fetch, bike rides, running and long walks. She also loves sitting on your lap, belly rubs.  She enjoys laying with lots of blankets.  She follows commands: sit, stay, come, potty, drop it, and little bites. 

She can be protective at first but when introduced slowly, she does well.  She would do best with someone who is an experienced dog owner that is loving yet firm.  She’s attended doggy day care and has done pretty well; but can get a bit overwhelmed.  A single dog household would be ideal until she is acclimated,  otherwise, supervision when with other dogs would be ok.  She seems to ignore indoor cats.   She does well with older kids — 12 and up, but has not been around small children or babies.  She does seem to get overwhelmed (or maybe confused)  when hearing a group of children in the neighborhood, but with patience and close supervision, she could become comfortable.  She is about 52 lbs and very strong.

Overall, Lola is a sweet, goofy, lovable, girl.