Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Color: Black & tan

***Please Note: LITTLES is currently in a foster home.  You’re welcome to submit an app for consideration! As a result on Covid-19, we’ve had to modify our volunteers hours. We appreciate your patience circling back. Thanks for considering adoption!***

Meet Littles!  She is a 7-year-old Chihuahua, just under 4 lbs., who came to us in partnership with a local shelter.  Littles is super cute and cuddly.  She was initially shy and a little sick when she arrived.  She took a while to open up, but once she was feeling better, she certainly did open up and she follows her foster family like a shadow. She is very very attached to humans and wants to be either on your lap or held, and if for some reason that doesn’t happen, she buries herself under the blanket on the couch (she loves to be sheltered/covered/snuggled).   Littles also loves the sun!! The only time she doesn’t ask to be held or buries herself in a blanket is when she lounges in front of the window and enjoys the sun!  She gets along well with other dogs as well as small children.

She is house trained, spayed, microcipped, had a dental cleaning and did we mention she loves to be held!?!  She seems to have a slightly collapsing trachea as she coughs when excited (when she gets food!) or when overwhelmed or anxious.  Littles is not a fan of the crate & much prefers the warmth and security of her foster’s bed.