Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Beagle mix
Color: Tan

Kit was found by animal control officers when someone called in what appeared to be “a dog laying in a ditch.” Officers arrived to find Kit with close range gunshot wounds to both front paws. (Confirmed via X-ray.) He was held at the shelter for a 10-day stray hold but released after 7 days to a fellow rescuer. While Kit’s physical wounds have healed over the past several months, he is emotionally VERY broken.

His rescuer found out through the rescue community that our team rehabs puppy mill survivors.
We officially took Kit in on 10/15 for the second part of his journey. We were told that he cowers into a tight ball and tucks his head in to protect himself. Because he could not walk for such a long period, he is now potty pad trained (was in dual leg casts for 4 months). He walks “funny” and always will. We think that makes him even more special. He gets along with both dogs and cats but has little confidence. He will not initiate play. Just tucks into a ball. No history of aggressive or reactive behavior. Has done well around children and has been fine in crate.  He will be available for adoption once his rehabilitation is complete.