Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: Tan with white

Say hi to Josie! Josie is a 1-year-old, about 80 lb. mixed breed. This blockheaded beauty has an incredibly sad backstory and was living at a vet practice. Josie was never taught how to properly “dog” and is slowly learning as a late bloomer. She is very responsive to basic training and only needs praise to learn. Currently she has shown great improvements in house training, crate training and basic commands like “sit”, but she is still working on mastering these. She would do best with an experienced foster/pet parent as well as someone willing to maintain boundaries and consistency so she can continue to learn.

Currently, she’s learning that nibbling during play isn’t for humans and that chewing is only for toys. For this reason, she needs extra attention and it will be a requirement that she is crated when not supervised so she doesn’t get into something that could hurt her. While at first it may seem like more work than some other pups, remember that she has spent her first year of life surviving and waiting for her family. She hasn’t had anyone there to teach her and during her fostering with us, we have seen so much proof that she’s just a puppy who needs a little direction. She is so eager to make her “person” happy and if you see a future with this girl, know that the extra training she needs will add to the bond you create with her.
Additional information…due to her play nibbling, we don’t want her in a home with children under 10. She has not had exposure to cats. Minimal dog exposure. At this time we recommend she be the only dog or with a calmer dog as she has spent time in boarding and is overwhelmed by intense pets. As she begins to decompress and improve her training, we will be able to further evaluate her ability to cohabitate with other pets.

Josie is current on vaccines and will be spayed & microchipped prior to adoption.