Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Hound mix
Color: Tan

Our little Idgie is a 12-week-old, sweet little southern gal who was found abandoned in a ditch! We will never understand how anyone could look at her soulful eyes and walk away from her, leaving her to fend for herself!! We are so happy she has joined our rescue family, so she will only know love and kindness from here on out!

While we have no idea what breed she is, some type of Hound mix possibly, we do know a few things about her.

•She most likely has some “herding” breed in her as she likes to nip at your heels when she is walking next to you.

•She LOVES food! Mealtime is her favorite time of the day. With her being so food motivated, she is easy to train. She learned how to “sit” in just 2 days! She has not shown any food aggression, but does try to get to any human food with enthusiastic energy!

•She is a typical “mouthy” puppy who likes to teethe on whatever she can, sometimes even shoes, your hands or other things she shouldn’t, but she is easily redirected to the right things to teeth on. Since she is still teething, a younger child might not understand that she doesn’t mean to hurt them, so older children might be best.

•She LOVES to be outside, so a fenced in yard for her to romp or sunbathe in is a high priority.

•She is a medium to high energy pup, so a like-minded playmate would be great for her or an active family who can continue to allow her to socialize with other dogs. She is submissive to her foster pack and takes direction easily from the resident pups.

•She does well in a crate, especially if she has some food treat, like a Kong filled with peanut butter, in with her.

•She is doing wonderfully with house training, like we said, she is one smart cookie!

•She rides well in a car.

If you think this little gal would be a good fit for your family, please don’t hesitate to fill out an adoption application and her foster family would be happy to speak to you!