Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Breed: Boxer

We met Hercules on a sunny morning in August.  He bounded out of the van and ran over to greet us.  I was at first shocked that he was not scared but I have learned that Hercules is a “people person” and just loves human interaction.  My son tossed a ball to him several times and I could see they were quickly bonding.  We were fortunate enough to be able to bring him home that same day.  When it was time to leave he hopped up into our car without any hesitation.  We also learned he loves to ride in the car.  He also has a knack for sitting more like a human would with his hind paws underneath him, rump on the seat and his front paw resting on the door handle.  We noticed many people smiling when they saw him that way in the car.

Our lives have changed having Hercules in the house.  We have fenced in the yard so he is able to run and play to his heart’s content.  Every room seems to have a dog toy or toy laying around.  Hercules has this cute mannerism that whenever I walk in the door, he first says hello, but then runs to whatever room he picks, grabs and toy and brings it back.  No matter how many times during the day I come through the door, he follows the same routine.  We have also learned that he loves to chew on his toys.  But he is such a good boy, he has never chewed on shoes, furniture, drapes, etc.  He does have a weakness for the mail, however.  He loves to grab the mail as the mail-person is pushing it through the mail slot.  He will then carry the mail in his mouth into the living room where he drops it on the floor.

Hercules has been a wonderful, loving addition to our family.  We cannot thank Renee’s Rescues enough for matching us during the adoption process.  While Hercules is  big boy at 80 pounds he still thinks he is a lap dog.  He will walk over and just put his head in my lap.  That is when I know he wants some Hercules time.

The Russell Family