Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Breed: Schnauzer/Terrier/Muppet mix
Color: Black with white & grey

Meet Henson! Want to wake up in the morning to an endearing frosted muzzle making weird sniffing noises? Super. Let’s talk.

This isn’t a dream or a Jim Henson production, Folks. While he could pass as a second cousin to a muppet, we assure you he’s a 100% lovable canine! Sure he looks quirky and can probably eat an apple through a picket fence with those bottom K9 teeth — but this is talent, people. Get it together. He’s a special, limited edition. Know a good thing when you see it. Breathing hot air on you whilst wagging a tail.

Although he tells women at the pub he’s a young lad, he’s technically got his AARP card and ready to pawty. So grab your peanut butter treats and meet us on the dance floor…

When he first came to rescue, we didn’t know what to make of him. He didn’t have much confidence and walked with that scraggly head hanging low. His former owner was abusive ~ surrendered him to CCAS in lieu of animal cruelty charges.
Henson seemed indifferent towards everything. At 10-years-old, we weren’t sure if it was just Father Time creeping up or if he was a “broken dog” from the crummy hand he was dealt prior to coming to us.

Call him a rubber band because Henson has snapped back after several months of TLC, honey bunch! He’s now the happiest, sweetest and most endearing furbabe! When his foster mommy comes home, he wiggles that bum like a propellor ready for takeoff. My point is = he’s an awesome dog who is getting overlooked. History of doing wonderful with dogs, cats and kids. The only challenge — he is still working on his house breaking. He wears a belly band. We’ve bought him a nice collection that will come with him to his future fur-ever home if he’s still not 100% yet.. He’s amazing. Truly. And we would love to see him in a FANTASTIC home for the remainder of his life. I’ll pack his AARP card. xo