Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Hound mix
Color: Brown


PLEASE NOTE – Fosters with our rescue have 2 weeks to decide if they wish to “foster fail” and adopt the pup in their care.

Welcome siblings Blair, Spook, Hazel & Stormy!  They are all adorable, 11-week-old Hound mixes  who came to us through one of our shelter partners.

Hazel is a doll! 99% potty trained..uses pads when raining out without having to be directed! Loves playing with the big guys and gals.. she’s holds her own and goes back for more! She’s up mornings with the other 3, at nighttime she goes in her crate until morning with no problems. Eats well, loves to cuddle with you or other pets. Tries to befriend the cat and she’s getting there too! Not only cute as a button but smart too! Errand time is snack time and again no protest! She would make a wonderful addition to any family! She can bark, but rarely does (thank God), it’s a shrill but usually just a few yaps at night! She really is a pleasure!

All of our dogs are required to be spayed/neutered.