Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Color: White with brown

PLEASE NOTE: Fosters have 14 days to decide if they wish to “foster fail” and adopt their foster dog.

Say hello to Gumball! Gumball is a 2 year old, spayed, female Chihuahua currently weighing approximately 6 lbs. (goal is 8 lbs.).  She may be born canine but lives to be your baby. She wants to snuggle up to you and hear your love nearby. When she is not being adored she enjoys playing with her foster sister (~10lbs) and a good crinkle toy.

As such, Gumball would be best in a home that can keep up with her higher energy with a playmate pup or home human. She has legs for days and can be easily distracted so a yard with a fence or means to ensure she stays in yard is best. Otherwise she is eager to come back to your lap. Generally house trained now with sparse accidents if held too long (very toddler like of have to break up her play to potty).

Strongly dislikes, the crate, and will scratch up her nose if placed in it. Unknown history around cats only exposed to small dogs in foster home (25lbs and under). A little fearful of visitors at first, but more in a cowardice way; not signs of aggression. Fine with kids.

Gumball is  AMAZING car rider.  Just toss down a blanket and/or bed and buckle in with puppy seatbelt clip, she lays down & enjoys the ride. Bonus for heated seats. She does energy feed from the other dogs so potential adopters should know if they have a barker she will bark (as baby wanna be big dog as it is)!