Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Hound mix
Color: Bllack with tan

Meet Grumpy!  Grumpy is a 13-week-old Hound mix who is not grumpy but we chose the seven dwarves as the litter’s theme. What can I tell you? Well, he’s cute and very clingy. He is without a doubt a velcro dog who will attend “bathroom meetings” to keep you safe. Wind blowing outside? Not on his watch, bucko! He will snuggle you with all of his body weight. He enjoys being compensated in kisses and dog biscuits, please and thank you.

Apartment living wouldn’t be a good match, as he will be a large dog and needs room for his lanky legs currently in pawgress. Ample room to trot around is the vibe for this velvet-eared prince. He is up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and will be neutered & microchipped.