Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Husky
Color: White with black


Welcome back Floki! Adoptable, silly, playful, young Siberian Husky ready for an adventure with an active adopter who is breed-savvy!

This dapper dude is HIGH ENERGY and needs an outlet to release this energy; otherwise, like most young dogs, has the propensity to become destructive. He is strikingly handsome and can pose for a camera like nobody’s business, but he’s work. That’s right. He’s work. All dogs are work, but they are worth it. Huskies are in a lineup of their own – A fun-loving breed but they have an abundance of energy and mental stimulation is absolutely necessary.

We are seeking a family or special person with a good understanding of the breed’s personality traits, energy level and physical needs. ***He needs a fenced-in yard.*** What does he bring to the table? Glad you asked!

Floki is:
⭐️ 1 year & 8 months old
⭐️ 60lbs of adorable
⭐️ A talker (he loves to chat)
⭐️ A 1st Class Snuggler
⭐️ At the ready for a good walk/run
⭐️ Current on vaccinations
⭐️ Microchipped
⭐️ Neutered
⭐️ House trained
⭐️ No Cats
⭐️ Good with other dogs
⭐️ Good with humans