Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Whippet mix
Color: Tan

Meet Finnegan! He’s a sweet 4-month-old Whippet mix available for adoption. Finnegan is currently being fostered in a home with other dogs. He gets along with them wonderfully. Even though he’s still a pup, his energy level is moderate. He definitely gravitates towards humans and will pick cuddle time over playing fetch! As a result, we’re confident he would acclimate well as an addition to an existing pack or on his own as the only dog. Even though we have not observed him around cats or children yet, we feel confident he would do just fine. He just goes with the flow. One of the most laidback pups we’ve had come through the rescue.

Finnegan is currently 11-lbs. and will grow to be a medium-sized dog. If you’d like to meet this cutie, please submit a pre-adoption app!