Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Lab mix
Color: Black with brown


Happy Puppy is an understatement!  I’ve never seen a puppy wag it’s tail and give kisses as much as sweet Ember!!!

Dog friendly. Adores her foster brother. She follows him around everywhere. It’s so cute! Cat friendly. Interested in the cats in her foster home but knows her boundaries and does not chase them. Unfortunately, they don’t want to play.

Kid and people friendly. Ember would be good with kids of all ages. Supervision with littles since there are normal puppy nibbles.

Ember is a spunky and sweet puppy. She loves walks, meeting new people and seeing other dogs on walks. We have made great strides with house training. I think we are almost there! Never an accident at night in her crate. Does not chew on furniture! Very rare accidents in the house. She sleeps peacefully all night in her crate. This girls is a gem