Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Color: Tan

Meet Duke!  This little Texan cowboy somehow found himself as a stray. He was excited when he heard they found his owners, but then his little heart was shattered when he found out they no longer wanted him! Who could do that to this cute little guy?!?!  He settled into his foster home so quickly so they could tell that he was used to living in a house, curled up in a nice cushy dog bed, or in his favorite spot….next to humans. He was so happy to finally be able to rest….to really sleep and not be afraid anymore. His foster family quickly realized that he wasn’t feeling well because of some bad teeth. When the poor little guy has his dental cleaning done, they found he was already missing quite a number of teeth and needed to have 6 more removed. Boy, did he feel much better after that! He is coming out of his shell and is such a sweet little dude! He enjoys hanging by your side, taking walks, eating and of course, SNUGGLING! He will literally crawl onto your chest to make sure you know he’s there and ready for some serious lovin’! He’s got the cutest little freckled belly and ears!!

He is a perfect little houseguest. He does not have any destructive behaviors and does not need to be crated when his foster family is away. He still understandably gets scared that his human will leave him again, so he watches his foster family like a hawk and if he gets afraid that they might leave him outside, he hurries to get back inside and forgets that he is supposed to go. He loves people and doesn’t mind other dogs. He hasn’t been around cats but his foster mom doesn’t think he would have any issues. He has started to show a slight interest in possibly playing with his foster pack, but would be ok as an only dog as well. His foster family would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!  Duke is 10 years old, neutered, house trained & up to date on all shots.  Please give this little charmer a chance to win your heart!