Status: Pending
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Color: White with tan


Meet Clementine! Clementine is a 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel that was surrendered by her breeder. At Clementine’s intake exam, we did bloodwork and the results were safe to proceed with scheduling surgery. (We alter all of our dogs, even seniors). Sadly, during surgery, Cancer was evident and rampant throughout her reproductive organs. Collectively we decided to not cause additional trauma and stopped the spay procedure. Because we had her anesthetized already, her rotting teeth were extracted and the remaining ones cleaned up nicely. (This is for her physical comfort for her remaining time. No dog wants to eat with a painful mouth). She recovered post-operatively and is doing well. Because of the findings, Clementine is no longer adoptable; she will stay with the rescue as hospice. While no medical professional has a crystal ball, we anticipate less than a year. (Sometimes they live longer but we like to set the expectation.)

Clementine is seeking a home where she can spend her remaining life. Because Clementine is older and will continue to slow down, a home that is not too chaotic is best – she needs a chill, calm environment that will not cause stress.

She is lovely as someone to lay on the couch with you. Clementine has shared a foster setting with another dog without issue. Candidates for our hospice program vary but mainly they’re terminal and not adoptable in the traditional sense. We provide safety, comfort and pay for all care until the very end.