Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Border Collie/Corgi mix
Color: White with black


Meet adoptable Cisco! Cisco is a 7-year-old Corgi mix who weighs 43 lbs. He is neutered and healthy. The rescue paid for him to have his teeth cleaned at the vet’s office under anesthesia. We extracted a few and he’s back to his normal happy self!

He’s an incredibly friendly dog with a unique posture that sits lower to the ground. Cisco has the face of a Border Collie and the body of a large Welsh Corgi. This makes for quite a unique four-legged friend!

Cisco is microchipped and his bloodwork looks fantastic. Cisco needs to be in a home with no small feline friends. He will chase or attempt to herd cats.  He is not outwardly aggressive in any way. He thinks it’s a game but we don’t want to stress out any cat friends.

It makes us incredibly sad that he has been overlooked for so long. There’s nothing “wrong” with Cisco and we hope that others begin to see how awesome this dog is!

Cisco’s foster mom shares, “Cisco is a smart, sweet, fluffy ball of fun! He’s got a lot to say!”

Cisco’s favorite pastime? He LOVES to cuddle. We’re talking head on your chest and all! If you want a “lovey” pooch, you’ve found him!

Cisco is dog-friendly but he lives for attention. We’ve noticed he will squeeze his body in front of another dog to absorb any human’s attention. You know when you stop scratching a dog behind the ears and they just stare at you, then push your hand with their snout? That’s Cisco. He would also thrive as an only-pet. The more he is the center of attention, the better! We’ve never foreseen an issue with him around children. He’s been fine.