Chico Bean

Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Breed: Schipperke
Color: Black with white

PLEASE NOTE: Fosters have 14 days to decide if they wish to “foster fail” and adopt their foster dog.

Meet Chico Bean! He’s a 9-year-old Schipperke mix that weighs 14 lbs. Chico came to our rescue after his former owner surrendered him to Cecil County Animal Services. He is missing fur on his back. It is believed to be from flea dermatitis and one of our veterinarians has ensured this will resolve and heal. We have had dogs in the past arrive to our rescue presenting with the same condition. Some worry it is mange; it is not. He is not contagious to other animals or people.

Chico’s current foster parents say he’s been an absolute charmer and they love him already! He immediately got along with the three resident dogs in his foster home. Additionally, he made friends with their horse. They are at their limit with pets but care deeply about their new house guest and want to see him live happily ever after!

He will be neutered and microchipped before he goes to his new family. If his teeth require a medically necessary dental cleaning, this will also be done and paid for by the rescue. Any diseased teeth will be extracted at that time so he can live the remainder of his life in comfort and not wincing when trying to eat. Any procedures will be done on the same day while anesthetized.

Please keep in mind that senior dogs often require medication or supplements for things like age-related arthritis. Factor in these anticipated costs and determine if this works with your lifestyle and financial situation.