CeCe Love

Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Lab mix
Color: Tan with white


Get to know adoptable Cece Love! This beauty is just about six months old and fully vetted! She would do best in a house with a backyard as she is a very active girl! She likes to walk on a leash and does pretty well. She enjoys cuddling humans and will come to you for some! She knows “sit” and is working on wait/stay and lay down. CeCe is dog & cat friendly. Because she is in a foster setting with other rescue foster dogs, she’s used to eating meals in her crate – every dog in this foster home does. (She is not food aggressive or resource guarding.) She LOVES to play! She has a more dominant personality and has to be corrected often with her rough playing style. She likes the water and enjoys going swimming. She also comes when called, but when she is excited and playing, it’s harder to get her attention – think of kids at the playground when their parents say it’s time to go. Overall she’s a very sweet girl and will need a routine and consistency. We hope you’ll see she is worthy and want to meet her! She shares her foster home with kittens and other dogs of varied sizes.