Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: Brown with white

Hi… I’m Buttercup! My foster mommy calls me ‘Miss Baby’! I’m a sweet and cuddly love bug once I get comfortable around humans. My foster mommy says I’m very timid and appreciate my personal space, but I’ve been slowly gaining more confidence! I’m learning to ‘trust’ as I see that my human family and friends are not scary giants who want to hurt me, they just want to pet and love on me. If I’m unsure or afraid when being approached, I will back up, run the other way and/or hide. You may have to catch me, but I don’t show aggression. I will come to you on my own terms though! I’m fully potty trained and will even ring the jingle bells by the back door if my little whimpers don’t get your attention (my foster big brother taught me that!).

I tend to get car sick but I provide plenty of warning with drool and licking my chops. Also, if the passenger holds a bag up to my mouth, I will make it in! I am very proud of my 10-for-10 stats so far!!! I do ok with walks but I still shiver and shake at first when the harness and leash are put on me. My foster mommy is very patient and tells me it’ll be ok, and we’ll keep working on it! We just take it one step at a time! I have 3 mini-humans; 2 sisters who are 8 and 12 years old, and a brother who is 5 years old. Since they are humans, I’ll show the same hesitation, but I do love playing with them and giving them lots of kisses! I love playing with my foster brother and sister who are medium-sized pups as well. We like to roughhouse, chase each other, and absolutely love playing tug! We even like to play ‘easy’ and cuddle together for a nice nap! I can be very vocal while playing, so my foster mommy got me a (humane) bark collar that is helping me learn to ‘manage my WOOFS!’ with beeps and vibrations, especially while she is working or the mini-humans are asleep. We also have a cat who mostly hides in the basement. The times I’ve seen him I’ve been curious, but haven’t shown aggression. I have a crate that I do well in for short stays of a few hours. If it’ll be longer, my pet sitter will stop by to let me out and play for a while. I’m still learning to trust her as well, but I gave her kisses for the first time the other day!!! At bedtime, I sleep all night in bed snuggled close to my foster mommy! I still have some puppy tendencies and will occasionally chew non-pup toys, so it’s best that items like shoes, chargers, pillows, kids toys, etc., are not left out to tempt me. As you can see, I’m a great girl! I am cat indifferent, love kids and other playful pups, and feel safe within my pack. Although I’m still learning the whole human thing, I am showing progress as I continue to work on my ‘trust issues’! I will do best in a home with patient, empathetic, and loving humans, who either work from home or are home most of the time!

Buttercup is a 7-month-old, female mixed breed terrier who is spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped & house trained!