Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Female
Breed: Shepherd/Lab mix
Color: Black & tan

This super sweet girl is Brinley! Brinley is a 7-month-old Lab/Shepherd mix who loves to play and wants to be loved. She needs some extra care due to some health issues, but she is crate trained, house trained and knows basic commands. She walks on a leash but does tend to pull. She needs more experience being around other people and dogs as she gets very excited and jumps. She is great with children and has experience with cats, but she does like to play/chase them. Overall, she is a loyal, loving dog who wants to spend all her time with you.

Brinley deals with incontinence issues and wears diapers regularly. She’s on Proin to help with the leaking, but the medicine doesn’t stop it altogether. Her surgeon suggests an injection as the next step, but it would likely need to be repeated every 1.5-2 years. She also is not spayed yet (due to trying to get the leaking resolved first) and is going through her first heat cycle. In addition to her leaking, she has a “hooded vulva” which will collect bacteria and may need reconstructive surgery one day. She will always be more prone to UTIs and bladder/kidney infections also and has already been treated for several infections in her short life. She occasionally has GI issues and vomits, so probiotics have been given to help. Brinley needs someone who can financially provide for all her health needs and who can give her the best life possible.