Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: Lab mix
Color: Brown
Welcome Brie! Momma Brie is just as sweet as they come! This 6-year-old shepherd/lab beauty was rescued from an Amish breeder, and after years of producing litter after litter, it’s time for Momma to retire in a loving home. Brie is an easy girl who is quiet and calm. She has little interest in other dogs; while she would not make a good playmate for a rowdy pup, she doesn’t mind a calm companion. She thinks cats are toys meant to be chased, so would do best in a cat-free home.
She adores being with her people and loves to keep them in sight at all times, and is very tolerant of the little ones. Brie is used to being able to wander the farm, so a fenced-in yard or large property where she can roam free would benefit her – be careful of open doors, because Brie sees it as an opportunity to explore! She already knows how to use a dog door and is house trained. She enjoys taking walks and loves getting treats (and will sit pretty for them!). This smart girl is a wonderful choice for almost any home!