Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Mixed Breed
Color: Black with white


Hi! My name is Boomer.  I am 3 years old. Thanks for reading my story.  Currently, I live in an apartment and I am being kept in a small cage all day and night.  Ever since my Mom had a baby, I am now an inconvenience and I need help to get in a place where I am valued as a family member.  I am really good with kids and I love interacting with people and dogs.  To be honest, I am stocky and can be a bull in a china shop. I am so gentle with my 1 year old sister but I sometimes bump into her and that is why I now live in a cage.  I know how to potty outside. I love to play with friends.  I am already neutered. I will bump my bum on you for extra scratches.  When you talk to me, I will tilt my head to let you know I am paying attention.  Really, I would like someone to love me unconditionally, play with me and take me for walks.  Please help me get out of this cage. I used to be able to sleep in bed, but that is not the case now.