Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Lab mix
Color: Black

Hi my name is Bo, aka Bongo! I am a 4 1/2 month old lab mix. I am not sure how I wound up in the shelter but it’s been quite a journey for me! I’ve been told that I am finally ready for my forever home!

So here’s my story~when my foster family picked me up, I wasn’t feeling quite myself and I heard them say there was something wrong with my brain, maybe from some flea and tick medicine that wasn’t the right dose for me. I was very wobbly and couldn’t keep my balance but after a few days I was starting to be steadier on my feet and could start to run and play. Unfortunately, soon after that, my belly started hurting and I was rushed to the doggie hospital. I had to be away from my foster family for 3 days and I know they were very sad. They said I had something bad for puppies called “parvovirus” and when I got better they picked me up and they showered me with hugs and kisses and I was so happy to be back with everyone!

They asked me what my perfect new home would look like and after giving it some thought, this is what I told them. I would like to have another medium to large dog sibling to play with to teach me the ropes of being a ‘good dog’, although my foster family tells me I am already doing a good job with that! I would like a family that takes walks or hikes or other things to stay busy. I really, really want someone who will snuggle me every single day and let me be wherever they are. My favorite place is where my humans are. I’d like to be allowed to snuggle on the couch and your bed, as I enjoy sleeping with my human every night!

Here are a few things my foster family says about me~
Bo is a very typical puppy and has shown that he is very smart and a quick learner. He will need to be with an active family who will continue to invest the time and energy in his training. He is doing well with housebreaking but still does have accidents occasionally. He knows how to sit and is starting to understand the commands “down”, “no” and “come”. He loves to play but can overwhelm a small or overly submissive dog easily. He isn’t demonstrating an excessively high energy level and will play for a while and then be content to snuggle up and nap. Since we have all been home, he has limited exposure to the crate but did well for an hour with a treat toy with him. He is an alert barker and if new people come into the house, he gets scared until he sees the situation is ok. When out on walks he loves meeting new people and dogs. He is a very special pup and resilient pup and would love to talk more in depth with anyone interested to see if you would be the perfect fit for our baby Bo boy.