Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Pittie mix
Color: White with brown

I’m not going to lie, we were not looking for a pet when Blue stole our hearts.  January, 2017 changed our world forever when we unexpectedly lost my husband, Jeff, and began our journey to our “New Normal”.  I, along with my three children and two fur babies (AKA my five children), started our lives with holes in our hearts. As we tried to pick up the pieces, I tried to do as many pre-January things that I could.  One of these things was my tormenting my daughter with puppy pictures.  This action would always result in the same outcome.  I would text Molly a cute puppy picture.  She would respond, “Can we get him/her?”  I would respond, “No, we already have two dogs, we don’t need a third.”  I did this because Molly was constantly asking for a new fur baby.  Well, fast forward to May and an adorable puppy picture appeared on Renee’s site.  I didn’t read any information but I couldn’t get his face out of my mind.  I sent Molly the picture and she immediately saw something that I had not.  She saw his name…..Blue.  Of all the names, his name was Blue!!  My husband’s favorite color was blue.  Everything we did to give Jeff his last party (he wouldn’t want us to be sad because he left) was blue.  His suit was blue, the flowers were blue, the memorial cards were blue, the guest book was blue, and the streak I had dyed in my hair was blue.  And now, we have this beautiful baby who is in need of love and his name was Blue!  We believe in signs and decided this was a big one.

I went to meet him and it was love at first lick!  He’s a kisser and Jeff loved doggy kisses.  May 23rd, Blue met his fur sisters for the first time and officially became my sixth child.  He has brought so many smiles to our faces.  He loves his sisters and gives them kisses all the time (sometimes they like it and sometimes they would rather he just go away but that doesn’t stop him!).  He has given us so  much love and we are thankful every day that Renee and her staff believed that we would be the right ones for him because he is definitely the right one for us.