Bentley Rose

Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Breed: GSD mix
Color: Tan with black

Meet Bentley Rose! Bentley is a sweet 8 year old GSD/Husky mix, approx. 60 lbs, spayed, up to date on vaccinations & house trained. She is also crate trained and good with children, both big and small. She currently resides with two dogs (one small and one big) and also does great with them. Bentley loves a good cuddle and has never shown aggressive behavior. You could give her a steak and take it away without her having a care in the world. She is loyal and will easily become your shadow. She is also very smart – she follows basic commands and will even recall off leash. In addition, she is very adaptable to various situations.  She will play gently with a toddler and small dog but has no trouble running & wrestling with older kids and big dog.

Bentley comes with a compelling backstory.  She originally lived with her current family as a puppy eight years ago but was re-homed due to her family working opposite shifts. This past October, she was found by a shelter in SC. Her chip was still registered to her original family. They knew they couldn’t let her possibly be put down so Bentley made her long journey back to DE. When she arrived, she was seriously malnourished, matted and dirty. While she has integrated well into the family and gained weight she has not settled in enough to feel comfortable when left alone.  She has some separation anxiety and after some destructive behavior she needs to be crated when no one is home. This includes 10+ hours a few times a week. Bentley is still spunky with lots of energy and love to give. She needs a home where she can be given the proximity to people she deserves. If you are retired, work from home, have older kids home, or want a dog to take with you on your travels, Bentley is your girl. Please fill out a pre-adoption application if you think you’re the right fit!