Status: Adopted
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Breed: Maltese
Color: White


Hello! My name is Barley and I’m 13 years old. Please don’t let my older age discourage you. I love to be held close. You see, I’m blind. I can’t see you, but I can feel the warmth of your love when you hold me close. I listen to your heartbeat and can feel your love! Before coming to the rescue, I was a stud for a licensed commercial breeder. They wanted me to have a loving home, so they let me come here. Everyone has been nice! I can’t help but charm everyone I meet! ☺️

Now that I’m retired, I hear that adopted dogs live happily ever after! I sure would love to be someone’s little prince! 👑

If you’re worried because I can’t see, don’t be! I memorize the layout of my environment after a week. I can tell how far away you are by the sound of your voice. My nose works perfectly and I can sniff out a delicious treat better than any young pup! 😚

I’m potty pad trained but will also go if you take me outside. I get along well with the other dogs in my foster home but attention from people is what truly wags my tail! Barley is current on vaccinations, microchipped and will be neutered as part of his adoption. When he came to the rescue, his teeth were diseased and rotten; they were extracted under anesthesia by our vet. He can eat painlessly now! For this reason, Barley requires a soft food diet for the rest of his life. He’s currently on canned food.