Status: Adopted
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Breed: Beagle
Color: Tri-colored

Please welcome Bagel the Beagle!  Bagel comes to us as an owner surrender through no fault of his own.  He is a 7.5 year old, 26 lb. Beagle who is neutered, house trained & current on vaccines. Bagel currently lives with 2 small dogs. He loves walks and will jump 3 feet in the air for his leash! He will walk for 3 miles with you & smile the whole way or just go outside to pee then come chill on the couch. He just wants to be with his human!  He’s very healthy minus a few ear infections which can be prevented with some cleansing drops.

His current family loves this dog but having 3 dogs in an apartment is impossible.  They also feel that Bagel would be better off with someone with a fully fenced yard, emphasis on the fence! After all, he’s a beagle and will go after squirrels, etc. However,  he could be fine in an apartment, as well.