Status: Adopted
Size: Large
Gender: Male
Breed: Lab mix
Color: Black with white

Meet our special pup, Andy! Andy experienced neglect very early in life resulting in severe trauma. His foster family has worked incredibly hard, and he’s grown in leaps and bounds. Andy is neutered, up to date on shots & microchipped. We are hopeful someone will read this profile and be willing to adopt a pup who encompasses the epitome of true animal rescue. He needs people who won’t give up on him. Andy is presently 6-months-old and shares his foster homes with both kittens/cats and dogs. When he first came to rescue, rough and tumble was all he knew as he tripped over his legs. He doesn’t show any aggression, just very scared. Now he just needs you. Here’s what his foster mom says:

“He’s house-trained and he sits and waits his turn patiently for treats. He comes when called and pretty much follows my verbal commands. He lets me give him love but he doesn’t come for cuddles often. He likes to sleep alone on the recliner but sometimes cuddles up with his foster dad to sleep. He’s still jumpy when it comes to quick movements and loud noises. He will run to me for comfort when he is scared. He trusts us though and knows we are a safe place and won’t hurt him. It took some time, but once you’re in, you’re golden. You can’t reach over his head to pet. He won’t bite, but it scares him. He came to me with a lot of wounds and scars on him and I don’t know what happened to him. He’s a submissive dog and would only do well with a dominant dog if they are nice. He’s always trying to get the approval of my resident dominant dog. He loves to play and gets along with any other dog that he’s met. I’m sure he would do well as an only dog also. He’s really good with any kittens that we brought around. He has been taught that they are friends and now very good with them. He is extremely food motivated and will run any time he thinks the treat is involved. This is probably his biggest characteristic. He will run to his crate if he sees a Kong in my hands, he runs to our treat table anytime I go near it and learns very well with treats. He’s a very sweet boy, wants to be a good boy and is adorable. I haven’t had him around small children except for the ones in my neighborhood who say hi when he’s on walks. He’s been fine with them.“